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Where to see awesome Christmas Lights in Campbelltown

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So we have been out and about around the Campbelltown area and I have to say that Campbelltown really knows how to get in the Christmas spirit!


We have fantastic Christmas light displays everywhere, including a beautiful display (pictured  below) by Brett Burrows, a local resident in St Andrews who is just 19 years old! Brett built the display over 2 1/2 weeks after months of planning. He has used 183 sets of lights which is more than 80,000 light globes!


This is a phenomonal effort, and from one so young! Congratulations Brett, you really epitomise the Christmas spirit to us.


In our travels, we have identified three streets that are really worth visiting to show the children how Christmas really looks!


1. Mackenzie Place, Kearns.


Mackenzie Place at Kearns is truly magical. Not every house is lit this year but almost all of them are and they are well worth the visit. Might be easier to park out on Epping Forest Drive and walk down the street, you will be enchanted!


2. The Rapids, Mt Annan.


Turn off Waterworth Drive into The Cascades and the glow will lead the way! Every house in this small street is out of a movie set. It is truly a site to see. I know people who have brought their children from all over Sydney to see the Christmas lights in this street. Many of our photo's on facebook are from The Rapids


3. Chain-O-Ponds Circuit, Mt Annan.


This street also in Mt Annan also has some of the most beautiful displays of Christmas Lights in Campbelltown. If you head over to see The Rapids, go that little bit further and say Hi to Wazza who is usually out the front spreading Christmas Cheer and raising money for Miracle Babies Foundation.


Merry Christmas everybody...



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